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 By doing several internships I was able to gain the insight in the occupational field of an interior architect and could get an overview about  different working methods and the collaboration with experts, companies and customers.
 Especially important to me was the experience to could obtain by doing one of my internships abroad in which I was able to deepen my  language and cultural skills.
 Internship summary
 (please scroll down for details)

- Architecture firm "Dieter Reck", Forchheim 2011
- Design studio
"ID-WAD", Paris 2008/09
Interior design firm "Nolte", Nuremberg 2007
- Carpentry "Assmann", Nuremberg 2005

- Student research assistant "HS Coburg", Coburg 2009/10
- Other side jobs
   Architecture firm "Dieter Reck", Forchheim 2011

 about "Dieter Reck":
 The main focus of the company is the planning of new buildings, renovations, modernizations, space-pedagogic removals and urban land-usage
 plannings in all service phases. The firm leader is also certificated as construction biologist (IBN).

 my tasks:
 I planned a nature information center with the main focus on bats. This project also became my diploma thesis (please compare "projects").
 The holistic approach of this project was what appealed to me. I could develop both the exterior and interior architecture as well as the
 concept of use.
 praktikum id wad

 internship_ID WAD
 Design studio "ID-WAD", Paris 2008/09
 about ID-WAD:
 The firm is internationally active in the areas of architecture, interior architecture and design. Therefore the projects have a wide range from  private apartments to hotels and restaurants.

 My tasks:
 From the first development of ideas to the draft and the work plan I worked on the projects either autonomously or in a group.

 therefore I created:
 - floorplans, technical plans, sections, elevations, details
 - customer presentations
 - hand drawings
 - furniture designs
 - research of material, companies, style periods, images
 - mesurements, photos of the original building

 I took part in:
 - a company seminar for light engineering
 - a visit to the trade fair "Hotel Equip''

 furthermore I learned:
 - the French language
 - to integrate myself in another culture
 internship_nolte  Interior design firm "Nolte", Nuremberg 2007

 about "Nolte":
 The agency "Nolte Innenarchitektur" specializes in retail-design in the food industry. The main emphasis lies in the designing of bakeries and  cafés.

 my tasks:
 In this internship, which I completed during the beginning of my studies, I obtained an overview of the work as interior architect.

 I learned:

 - to work with floorplans
 - to build models
 - to draw drafts for presenatations by hand
 - to create a lighting concept
 - the insight of construction supervision
 - the organizing of projects
   Carpentry "Assmann", Nuremberg 2005

 about "Assmann":
 In this internship at "Assmann" not only furniture was built but also technical solutions were developed for its customers.

 my tasks:
 I was able to carry out a lot of handcraft activities in the workshop and also work on-site with the customer.

 I learned:
 - working with the material wood
 - each step of furniture production
 - the insight in planning with CAD
 - to restore furniture
 - the assembly on-site
 - the communication with customers
 me as student research assistant  Student research assistant "HS Coburg" Coburg 2009/10

 about the international office:
 The office consists of three employees of the university who are responsible for the partner universities abroad. It deals with matters such as  financial support scholarships, information about studying or doing an internship abroad, and the organization of the exchange students who  stay in Coburg.

 my tasks:
 Since spring 2009 I support the team of the international office and take care of the needs of the exchange students in Coburg. I coordinate  their registration at the resident's registration office, their rental agreements, the opening of the bank accounts, matriculation at our university  and the student’s cards. I help in translating and organizing events, guided tours and trips. I also hold presentations to inform the students in  Coburg about the possibilities of going abroad themselves. I design posters and am in charge about the problems and suggestions of the  exchange students.
 farmarbeit  Other side jobs

 - writing of travel reports, since 2007
 - market research, Coburg 2006-2008
 - retail trade, Nuremberg 2006
 - fruit picking, Australia 2005/06
 - private tutoring, Nuremberg 2004
 - market research, Nuremberg 2003-05
 - assistant at the hairdresser, Nuremberg 2002/03