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 Interior architecture  I have been studying interior design and interior architecture since September 2006 at the university of applied sciences in Coburg. I chose this  university because of the wide array of projects which the students are able to take part in.
 Studying interior architecture has always been a big dream of mine for a very long time and is really important to me. I like to help people feel  as comfortable as possible in their surroundings. Interior architecture is a combination of logic and creativity and always has new challenges in  store and that is what appeals to me.

 An important point for me is to live environmentally conscious. Thus I'm interested in ecological building and living with materials that are  equally healthy for people and for the environment. Interior architecture does not only have to be "nice" but also support, encourage and  balance people throughout their lives.

 Sport is an important part of my life. I played field hockey for more than ten years. Currently I go running regularly and I am a member of the  Siemens sport center.
 Travelling and exploring the world and getting to know its people and cultures is also a big passion of mine.

 Short biography  I was born on April 9, 1986 in Nuremberg, Germany. Ever since starting school I had always been especially interested in art and mathematics
 which were also my major subjects when I graduated from high school in Nuremberg 2005. After graduating I spent eight months abroad taking  part in a work and travel program in Australia. In October 2006 I began my studies in interior design and interior architecture at the University  of Applied Sciences in Coburg, Germany. After my pre-diploma examination I completed a six month internship in interior architecture in Paris,
 France. I then continued my studies in Coburg. Additionally I worked as a student research assistant for the international office at my
 university being in charge of the exchange students. In October 2011 I will complete my academic degree as a Diplom-Ingenieur (Dipl.-Ing.) in
 interior design and interior architecture (equivalent to a Master's degree).